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Justinus Africanus


Back from Africa

After driving approximately 20.000km, through 17 countries, swimming in 2 oceans, 3 seas, and 2 rivers.
We count 1 fatality, 2 Carnet de Passages, 51 Custom stamps.
We broke 4 spring coils, 8 tyres and countless CV Joints… but nevertheless made it to Cape Town.

Not satisfied we flew back and climbed Kilimanjiaro

Justine – conquerer of the African Continent from North to South, East to West – awaits restless in a Parking Lot in the Bo-Kaap.

She can’t wait to see the Mighty Andes!

Cari Amici,

È finita l’Africa e ce l’abbiamo fatta!

Justine nel 2009 è partita da Milano.
Dopo circa 20.000km, 17 paesi, 2 oceani, 1 morto, 8 pneumatici bucati, 2 carnet de passage, 51 timbri doganali, 3 russe e 4 molle rotte è arrivata a Città del Capo.

Qualcuno dice che senza problemi si può spedire la macchina in S. America.
Noi ascoltiamo e continuiamo a sognare…


On The Road Again….



The site is finally live!

We are still working on uploading photos, videos, maps, diaries and info so we appreciate your patience….

On top of this page is the menu of our past and future trips.